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Normal Mode
Deuce penalties and bomb penalties are enforced. 13-card penalty not enforced. Must be in round to bomb, no exceptions. 10 seconds per turn. 30 seconds free time before game begins.
Bomb Mode - 100 XP
Bomb mode is like normal tien len except bombs are worth twice as much as in regular games. Deuce penalties and bomb penalties are also penalized at twice the normal value.
1v1 Mode - 1000 XP
1v1 allows for the ultimate tien len experience as two players must adapt their skills as they learn each others playing styles.
Pro Mode - 500 XP
Pro mode is a unique playing mode where there is only 1 first place winner. Deuce and bomb penalities are enforced on all remaining players. Automatic win is disabled. 13-card penalties are enforced. Perfect games receive double rewards.
Speed Mode - 3000 XP
Players must think faster as time limits are decreased and tournaments stakes begin increasing at a faster rate. Speed mode combines turbo and 1v1 to make for a challenging 1v1 experience.
17-Card Games - 6000 XP
17-Card tien len is the most exciting tien len game ever. With more cards means more bombs, and more bombs means more fun. This mode is especially appealing when combined with bomb mode in a game called 17-Bomb. 17-Pro is also available...
Tournaments Games - 6000 XP
Tournaments allow for a new level of tien len play as players show off their skill at a much advanced level. Play against hundreds of other players from all across the world in our monthly freeroll tournaments.
Turbo Mode - 3000 XP
Players are given half the time as in regular games. There is no free time in turbo mode games.