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Johnny Lee
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San Diego, CA
Bomb: 16
Bombed: 26
Player Since: 08.09.18
666 XP
bronze club member
Hello everyone!
47 weeks ago near San Diego, CA

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Perfect Game
Play all your cards unopposed...
Double Bomb
Bomb a bomb without getting bombed...
Triple Bomb
Bomb a double bomb without getting bombed...
3 Pair Bomb
Bomb a player with a three consecutive pairs bomb...
4 of a Kind Bomb
Four consecutive pairs bomb...
4 Pair Bomb
Four of a Kind Bomb...
3 Trip Bomb
Three consecutive trips bomb...
5 Pair Bomb
Five consecutive pairs bomb...
Winning Streak
Win five games in a row...
6 Pair Bomb (17-Cards)
Six consecutive pairs bomb...
4 Trip Bomb (17-Cards)
Four consecutive trips bomb...
Quadruple Bomb (17-Cards)
Bomb a triple bomb without getting bombed...
Easy Money (17-Pro)
Bomb a triple deuce without getting bombed...

Tournament Champion
Win 1st place in a tournament...
Rebate (1v1 Bomb)
Bomb someone who just bombed you in bomb mode...
Finish your hand with a quadruple deuce...
Kamikaze (Bomb Mode)
Finish your hand with a bomb in bomb mode...