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House Rules
Normal Mode
Deuce penalties & bomb penalties are enforced. 13-card penalty not enforced. Must be in round to bomb, no exceptions. 15 or 30 seconds per turn depending on rank. 30 seconds free time before game begins.
Bomb Mode
Bombs are worth twice as much as in regular games. Deuce penalties and bomb penalties are also penalized at twice the normal value.
1v1 Mode
1v1 allows for heads up competition between 2 players. There is only 2 players max per table.
Pro Mode
First player to finish wins all hands. Deuce and bomb penalities are enforced on all remaining hands. Automatic win is disabled. 13-card penalties are enforced. Perfect games receive double bonus.
Speed Mode
2 players maximum per table. Players are given half the time as in regular games. There is no free time in between speed mode games.
17-Card Games
All players are given 17 cards. 3 players maximum per table. This mode is especially appealing when combined with bomb mode in a game called 17-Bomb. 17-Pro is also available.
Turbo Mode
Players are given half the time as in regular games. TThere is no free time in between turbo mode games.